Topographic Surveys

Measurement of natural and manmade features for the creation of 2D plans or 3D models.

Topographic surveying involves the accurate measurement of natural and manmade features within the landscape and the creation of representative 2D plans or 3D models.

Surveys of this type form the backbone of civil engineering, land development and land management industries. Topographic surveys are often used more specifically to assess the flood risk of land and for the design of flood defences.

AP Land Surveys draw on a great wealth of experience at undertaking this type of survey and have invested in the most recent technologies such as Leica robotic total stations, networked GPS RTK receivers and digital levels to ensure the accuracy and cost effectiveness of our topographic survey products.

The data produced is largely client specific can be presented in various standard scales such as 1:100, 1:200, 1:500 etc. or to a client’s specification and are normally supplied as AutoCAD drawing files, PDF files or paper plots. Other specialist formats can be provided as required.