High Definition Survey

High Definition Survey Datasets for 3D Visualisations and Complex Design.

At AP Land Surveys we are using various laser scanners to collect 3D referenced point clouds of a survey area or feature. This form of survey offers a range of benefits such as;

  • Increased data coverage of complex or irregular shapes requiring accurate measurement.
  • Can reduce health and safety risks to the survey team as the scanner can be used remotely reducing the amount of time needed in dangerous environments.
  • Peripheral data captured during the survey can be used for future tasks.
  • Laser Scanning can reduce the survey time required on site.

We have deployed this technology to great effect on the following project task;

  • Underground culvert mapping
  • Calculation of spoil heaps and voids
  • Calculation of quay wall & building fa├žade deformations
  • Mapping of complex coastal cliffs for civil engineering design
  • 3D Measurement of complex river control structures

If you would like to talk to us about the use of laser scanning technology why not contact us and see how we can assist you.